What Flag Is That 10.08.21

Kvalsund (NorthernSami: Fálesnuorri and Kven: Valasnuora) is a former municipality in the old Finnmark county in Norway. The municipality is now part of Hammerfest Municipality in Troms og Finnmark county. The municipality existed from 1869 until its dissolution in 2020.

Where Kvalsund was located before it became a part of Hammerfest.
A view of Kvalsund Village.
The suspension bridge across the sound
Well dressed Kvalsunds

Fishing and historically Whaling were major ‘industries’ of the village. The name comes from old Norse: ‘kvair’ – whale. And ‘sund’ – straight or sound.

The flag uses the Kvalsund Coat of Arms which was granted in 1987. The coat places 3 silver colored salmon arranged in a ‘pall’, on a blue background. It demonstrates the importance of fishing and the centrality of water to the village.

A pall (or pairle) in heraldry and vexillology is a Y-shaped charge, normally having its arms in the three corners of the shield. An example of a pall placed horizontally (fesswise) is the green portion of the South African national flag.

And, you may ask, why would I have a flag of a village in Norway that no longer exists? Of course it has to do with impressing one of the grandkiddos. Brody is an avid fisherman and I thought if I had a fish flag he would think I was cool.

Brody and a recent catch – a Blue Tuna (Brody is now 6’2”)

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