What Flag Is That 09.27.21

Basque Country, also known as The Basque Autonomous Community. It is the home of The Basque People. Therefore it is not exactly a country, more of a specific constellation of people.

It is located in the Western Pyrenees straddling the boarder between France and Spain on the coast of the Bay of Biscay

The Basque people have a fascinating history and have lived in this region for hundreds of years. They are not exactly French and not exactly Spanish. They have their own language which is controversial because France and Spain don’t recognize it.

The Basque coat of arms

The flag, called Ikurrina in Basque was finally officially recognized in 1978. Again, both France and Spain had outlawed it before then. It is a red field (for the Biscayan People) with a white central cross that extends to the edges (for the Catholic Church) superimposed on a green diagonal cross which extends to the edges (symbolizing the old laws of Biscay). Red, green and white are now the colors of The Basque People.

Basque people have migrated all over the world, and remain fiercely proud of their heritage. There are large populations in rural Wyoming. And remember, it was a rogue Basque bootlegger that shot Lucian Conley (Walt Longmire’s predecessor) resulting in Lucian losing his leg.

A well designed flag representing a unique people.

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