Business with a Purpose

One of the things I have been successful at doing in our retired years is talking Denise into trying out, even when it means traveling a few miles, independent coffee places. We came across an absolute gem of a place recently: ‘Maggie’s be Cafe’ in Hudsonville Michigan (outside of Grand Rapids).

Maggie’s makes a fine ‘cuppa joe’, AND the entire idea behind this business, it’s mission, caught our attention and warmed our hearts.

From the moment you walk in you realize this place is special.
A good solid, well thought out business model combines with a fantastic mission statement to make Maggie’s an establishment to see.

People with intellectual and developmental delays crave having a job, a place to feel like they contribute and earn a living. Maggie Fischer is a 25 year old woman with Down Syndrome. Her parents knew Maggie always wanted to be a Barista and that was not likely given the prejudice of people who don’t understand the vitality of all people. They took the idea of opening a place to friends who jumped on the idea and could provide the business acumen to make it happen.

It took a while but ‘Maggie’s be Cafe’ is open and thriving.

Volunteers, cooperative business arrangements and amazing community support have made Maggie’s a business everyone loves. Another special element is how they train and acknowledge their Baristas.

A sustainable, successful business with a community purpose and mission, Boyhowdy do I love ‘Maggie’s be Cafe.’

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