What Flag Is That 08.14.21

Cape Breton Island, Canada. It is an island that is part of Nova Scotia. It has one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world in the center, the Bras d’Or (Arm of Gold.).

The First Nation People who lived here for centuries were the Mi’Kmaq. Historically it was another place where the French and English fought over after they had displaced the First Nation people.

Cape Breton is famous for being the place where a number of inventors did important work. Alexander Graham Bell did early work there. Marconi transmitted his radio signal from here. Early work with Deaf people was started here including methods for Helen Keller.

The flag is a plain white and green field with a depiction of the island. Nothing special. It is the flag that is commonly used but it is not official. There is a funny story about the official flag.

In 1992 the officials from Cape Breton attended a meeting of Islands of the Atlantic. Cape Breton realized everyone else had a flag but they did not. The government ran a contest and the above flag won. The thing was, everyone hated it. No one flys it and you can’t even buy one because no one manufactures it.

A few of the other entries in the flag design contest.

Cape Breton is home to amazing musicians and musical traditions. The fiddle players have become famous and the dance gatherings called Ce’ilidh (the people often lapse into the Gaelic tongue) are tourist attractions.

Natalie MacMaster
Her best selling album

For Natalie and for an unusual flag story I fly Cape Breton Island today.

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