What Flag Is That 08.09.21

Yukon. Formerly known as Yukon Territory. It is the least populated and westernmost province in Canada.

In 1898 it split from the North West Territory. In 2002 it was officially named Yukon. English and French are spoken and the Yukon government officially recognizes all First Nation languages.

Mount Logan (19,551 feet) the highest mountain in Canada and the second highest in North America after Mount Denali in Alaska.

The name Yukon is derived from the First Nation Gwich’in people term for ‘white water river’. It denotes the source of the rivers – runoff from glaciers.

The flag came about after a design contest in 1968. (The winner received 100 Canadian dollars). It is a banded green, white and blue tricolor with the coat of arms in the middle. Green for the forests; White for the snow; Blue for the rivers. Under the coat of arms is a wreath of the territorial flower, the fireweed.

The coat of arms features a Malamute, a common work dog in the territory, standing on snow. Below the dog is a red cross representing England. Within the cross is a ‘vair’ representing the fur trading industry. Under the cross box are two triangles standing for the mountains with the wavy white lines which are the many rivers. The gold dots on the mountains represent gold, which played an important part of Yukon’s history.
On the flag under the coat is a wreath of fireweed.

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