What Flag Is That 08.06.21

The familiar flag of our neighbors to the north: Canada. Since we have come home to Michigan after leaving in 1972, Canada once again is close to us.

Looking across the St Clair River at Sarina Ontario

The flag is a red field with a white square in the middle. Exactly in the middle of the white square is an 11 point red maple leaf. It was designed by George Stanley and Queen Elizabeth II proclaimed it the official flag of Canada in 1965.

The flag is not without controversy. Canada had no official flag for it’s entire existence until the Queen made it the law of the land. There were two flags that were ‘unofficially’ used.

From 1868 to 1921 the unofficial ‘ensign’ was a red field with the ‘Union Jack’ and a coat of arms that was not approved.
From 1921 to 1957 the coat of arms was changed. From 1957 to 1965 there was not even an unofficial flag.

We have always had a warm spot in our hearts for our good neighbors to the north. It seems to us that we got the better deal out of the whole neighbor thing.

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