What Flag Is That 07.14.21

It is with great pleasure, I fly the flag of our namesake: Flanders. It is the Dutch speaking northern portion of Belgium. It is ‘Vlaandeeren’ in Dutch; ‘Flandre’ in French and ‘Flandern’ in German. The capital is The City of Brussels.

Flanders is in the dark green

It is not the largest, in land area, of Belgium, but it does have the largest percentage of the population. From 862 Flanders was a country of great influence and power in Europe. The Count of Flanders was considered one of the ‘Twelve Peers’, or equals, of Europe for hundreds of years.

The first Count of Flanders was Baldwin. Here he is instituted by the Frankish King, Charles The Bald, in 862. The relationship soured when Baldwin eloped with the Bald Dude’s daughter and would not return her.
By 1350 The County of Flanders controlled substantial portions of Europe. It was respected by all rulers in Europe and The Holy Roman Empire.
Count Phillip of Flanders, second from the right – the guy holding the big blue sword, at the coronation of Phillip II.

Through it’s location and wise, shrewd ‘management’ Flanders remains a major state in modern Europe.

The Port of Antwerp in Flanders is the second largest in Europe.

The flag is known as the ‘Flemish Lion’ or ‘The Lion Flag’. It is a direct descendent of the coat of arms of The Counts of Flanders. It has been in existence for over 900 years.

Coat of arms.
Medallion worn by the Counts.

And now for the personal connection. The ancient ‘urban’ myth says a baby orphan was found in a field and since no one knew whose it was, they named it Flanders.

Historic recreation of the Flanders progenitor.
An excellent, well designed flag…if I do say so myself.

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