Which flag are you flying today, 07.04.21

As you drive around your neighborhood today, you may see a number of versions of the USA Flag being displayed. Other than the ones that are in direct violation of the US Flag Code and have someone’s or something superimposed on it somewhere, you may see some ‘Legit’ versions waving.

‘Old Glory’; ‘The Stars and Stripes’; ‘The Stars and Bars’; ‘The Star Spangled Banner’, we call it many things. What our National Symbol means is an individual, visceral and often emotional matter. Here are a few you may see today.

What has been called ‘The Betsy Ross Flag’. As the story goes a group of the ‘founding fathers’ came to a business woman who ran an upholsterer shop who made uniforms and tents and asked if she could make a flag from a design they approved.
Betsy Ross said,…’ya sure, I can make that – but those 6 pointed stars you have here in the corner are too difficult to make, how about a 5 pointed star instead?’
The ‘Betsy Ross Flag’ appears on the seal of the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Another popular flag is ‘The Star Spangled Banner’. The national flag kept being modified as new states were added to the country. This was the flag in 1812, remember we were at war again, when Francis Scot Key wrote his song. Thus 15 stars and 15 stripes.
The actual Star Spangled Banner
The second longest running flag, from 1912 until 1959: the 48 star flag.
The longest running flag: 1959 to the present.
Have a good 4th

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