Color, Composition and Story Number 18

We share the world. Back when we lived in Littleton, Colorado, we had a family that lived with us every spring for five years in a row. Mom and Dad Red Fox showed-up like clock work early in the spring (even sometimes with snow on the ground) and then a few weeks later we saw the kits.

The same pair raised their little ones and five times we watched them grow from little ones romping and wrestling to adolescents looking for food. Sometimes there were only two and occasionally there were four.

An amazing thing happened each year. On nice sunny days our cat, the famous Scratchy Spot, would disappear for hours. We could not figure it out. Then we saw here emerging from the fox den. She was down there playing with the kits! We couldn’t believe that, especially Mom Fox, allowed this to happen. That is how we realized that the Kitty was a Franciscan. She knew we are all in this world together.

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