What Flag Is That 06.13.21

The Refugee Nation. A 2015 proposal to begin to solve the global refugee crisis. The United Nations estimates there are 80 Million people who have been displaced from their homes by various situations. The Refugee Nation is the idea to create a new nation to voluntarily resettle the world’s displaced people.

Refugee Nation was launched in June 2015 by Jason Buzi and received extensive media coverage in July 2015, beginning with an article in The Washington Post.[2]

In his proposal, Buzi offers a number of alternatives for creating a nation of refugees.[3] These include:

  1. Buying uninhabited islands from a country such as the Philippines or Indonesia
  2. A country with a lot of habitable but unused land giving away or selling this land for the purpose of establishing a refugee nation. One example given is Finland
  3. A small island nation which is sparsely populated agreeing to become a refugee nation. Current citizens would receive significant financial benefits.
  4. New islands to be created in international waters as a homeland for refugees.

The Syrian artist, Yara Said, a refugee himself who found asylum in Amsterdam, designed a flag to symbolize all refugees. He states: “Black and orange is a symbol of solidarity with all these brave souls that had to wear life-vests to cross the sea to look for safety in a new country. Since I had to wear one, I have a personal engagement with these vests and these two colors.”

The flag has now represented refugee teams in sports, appeared in museums and even at the Oscars. It is available from my friends at flagsforgood.com. They donate profits from the sale of the flag to The Refugee Nation.

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