What Flag Is That 06.10.21

The realm just to the north of Gondor. It is known as the ‘Kingdom of The Horsemen’ for its famous cavalry. The flag of Rohan, home to The Rohirrim.

Rohan in dark red

Rohan becomes an important ally of Gondor due to their invaluable cavalry support first in the Battle of Hornburg against the Wizard Saruman (not to be confused with the far worse Dark Lord Sauron.) Then the climatic Battle of Pelennor Fields where the Rohirrim are led into battle against the forces of Mordor by their King Theoden.

Theoden helps sway the battle, but is killed when his horse falls and rolls onto him.

In one of the best and most exciting moments in The Lord Of The Rings, Theoden’s niece, Eowyn, kills the leader of the Ringwraiths and kills the the horrifying Nazgul. No one could do what this young woman did.

Theoden lays dead under his horse. The Hobbit, Merry stabs the Nazgul with an enchanted blade. Eowyn faces and kills the Nazgul.

In Tolkien’s story the Nazgul is definitely pterodactylic. At one time Gandalf referred to them as ‘Nazgul-birds’. There is some ideas that Tolkien took the idea from an insect.

The stink bug Acledra nazgul. Many species of insects have been named after Tolkien’s Nazgul.
The Flag of Rohan. Don’t you think it would be a good time to go back and read all of the books?

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