What Flag Is That 06.09.21

The greatest realm of Men in the West of Middle-earth at the end of the third age: Gondor. J.R.R Tolkien named it Gondor which translates in his fictional language as ‘Land of Stone’.

Gondor is in the dark red
Tolkien’s son Christopher drew this map of the area surrounding Gondor

Gondor was founded by the brothers Isildur and Anarion. From a once powerful place it fell into ruins due to allies of The Dark Lord Sauron. The throne of Gondor is empty until Lord Sauron is finally defeated and Aragorn is crowned King.

Aragorn first appears as a mysterious night rider called Strider. He is a direct descendant of Isildur
Among the many complications Aragorn experiences in his life is the fact that he falls in love with an Elf named Arwen
Arwen is the daughter of the leader of the Elven people, Elrond. She is born Finduiles, but her name goes to E’owyn then Arwen.
In the Peter Jackson films Arwen is portrayed by actress Liv Tyler Rundgren.

The flag is a solid color with the crest placed in the center. The capital of Gondor is Minas Tirith. In the center of the city stands ‘The White Tree’. When the throne became empty this tree turned dry.

Literary critics claim Tolkien used the myth of the ‘Dry tree’ from the 14th Century fictional work: ‘The Travels of Sir John Mandeville’ as his model for the ‘White Tree’. In that work the tree turned white and was dry until an event occurred. The apples from the Dry Tree when eaten allowed you to live 500 years.

The ‘Dry Tree’ in the ‘Travels of Sir John Mandeville’
A well designed, albeit fictional flag: Gondor

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  1. Bonnie Flanders Avatar
    Bonnie Flanders

    E’owyn is the name of the flower girl at A&M’s wedding…


    1. I wonder what her parents read?


  2. Denise Flanders Avatar
    Denise Flanders

    Fun one



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