What Flag is That? 05.08.21

The southern region of Belgium known as Wallonia. It is the French speaking part of Belgium. I makes up 55% of the territory of Belgium but only 33% of the population.

This Walloon region is rich in coal and iron resources. Historically it was the first fully industrialized part of Europe. Currently with the movement away from things like coal, Wallonia is suffering crippling unemployment.

Belgium has historic significance and was part of the area conquered by Julius Caesar in 57 BC when he took Gaul. The country of Belgium has an impressive number of flags representing each region.

Language is a major regional identifier in Belgium. They all are proud of their ethnic and cultural distinctiveness.

The flag of the Walloon region, who are French speaking, features a yellow field charged with a bright red rooster. This rooster is called the “Bold Rooster” or “Walloon Rooster.” The flag design was approved in 1913.

France also utilizes a rooster in many of it’s official ‘logos’. There is a significant difference in the French and Walloon rooster. The French is a crowing rooster. The Walloon rooster has it’s claws raised, in a ‘don’t mess with me’ stance.

The Gallic (French) crowing rooster
The more aggressive Walloon Rooster

A one time the region to the north of Wallonia was combined into one country. The region to the north: Flanders.

The Flanders-Wallonia Flag

But today, I fly the Walloon Regional Flag. Because, where else can you find a flag with a big chicken?

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