What Flag Is That 05.06.21

New York (City) Police Department. NYPD is the largest and one of the oldest municipal police departments in the United States, with approximately 36,000 officers and 19,000 civilian employees.

The NYPD was established in 1845, and today, is responsible for policing an 8.5-million-person city, by performing a wide variety of public safety, law enforcement, traffic management, counterterror, and emergency response roles. In the past 25 years, the department has achieved spectacular declines in both violent and property crime, ensuring that New York City has the lowest overall rate of major crimes in the 25 largest cities in the country.

The flag was unveiled on May 17, 1919 during a parade to honor police officers who served in World War I. It was fashioned after the US Flag. It consists of 5 horizontal bands of green and white representing the 5 boroughs of NYC. (The color green celebrates the history of New York law enforcement and can be traced back to 1658, when the New Amsterdam night watchmen — the city’s first paid police force — carried lanterns with green glass.) The canton is similar to the US flag with a blue field containing 24 stars representing the cities and villages of NYC.

It is a well designed flag with a rich history.

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