What flag is that? 05.01.21

The state flag of Washington. It is the only US flag that has a green field and the image of a US president.

Washington became a state in 1889 but did not have a flag. The Washington chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) designed a flag and pushed hard to have it adopted. Finally in 1923 it’s design was accepted. It is slightly different than the one we have now.

It was ‘modernized’ and in 1967 the new design was adopted. The new one contains the updated state seal with standardized colors. This 67’ version has an Irish Green field; A Spanish yellow ring around George; An oriental blue background for George; Black lettering and the man himself is Egg Shell white.

Vexillologists consider it number 47 out of all of the state and territory flags. The use of the state seal and the complicated colors make it…well, boring.

My Washington flag has been in my collection for many years. I purchased it because I had the idea of honoring one of us Flanders with the state flag where they were born.

Leon Russell Flanders made his first appearance on May 1, 1974. He was born at McCord Air Force base in Washington. I was stationed at Fort Lewis which is next door to McCord, but the Army base did not have a hospital.

Since I started flying flags in Littleton Colorado, in 1990, the state of Washington has flown every May 1st.

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  1. Denise Flanders Avatar
    Denise Flanders

    How stinking cute is he!



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