What Flag Is That 04.27.21

The Great Qing, aka: The Qing Dynasty. It was the last imperial dynasty in China, lasting from 1636-1912. After The Qing Dynasty came the Republic of China. At it’s height it had a population of 400 million. In it’s history there were many emperors and world wide shifts.

Qing dynasty 1890
Emperor Dorgon 1612-1650
Early political cartoon of the whole world dividing up China.

The flag is the Azure Dragon on a yellow field with a red flaming pearl on the left (hoist) corner. It was the first flag of China. It is known as the ‘Yellow Dragon Flag’. Yellow is The royal color – the first emperor was called the ‘Yellow Emperor’. The dragon represents imperial power and strength. The pearl stands for wealth, good luck and prosperity.

The initial flag was in a triangle shape. It was first carried into battle by the Chinese cavalry. When battle ships were developed it remained a triangle. In the early 1800s Chinese noticed other ships had a triangle so the official flag was changed to a rectangular shape.

Early trading card. Not in cigarettes or sold separately, but in chocolate bars. This was a ‘scenes from around the world’ series and the Yellow Dragon flag appears in the right hand corner.

Our connection to China remains intact. We hear from ‘our kids’ often. And besides, who doesn’t like a dragon on a flag?

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