What flag is that? 04.22.21

The earth flag. This is John McConnell’s design that he submitted to the UN in 1969. The dark blue field represents the atmosphere. In the center is what became known as ‘the blue marble’ with white being clouds, and light blue the oceans.

This flag came to represent environmental awareness and then in 1970, it stood for Earth Day. McConnell attempted to trademark the ‘Blue Marble’ but was unsuccessful.

There have been other attempts to develop flags to symbolize the earth. One that is recent was submitted to the UN. It has not been approved.

Seven connecting circled for the seven continents

My interest in the ‘Blue Marble’ flag stems from my deep respect for the Native Host Nations and the fact that they were the finest stewards of the earth. The LaKota word ‘Wayuonihan’ means “Honor”. Especially here in North America our American Indians honored the earth.

It also fits in well with my Franciscan leanings. St. Francis believed that the earth was created and so were we. If that is true, we share some common DNA with our surroundings.

Eight billion people, one home. We must take care of ‘Mother Earth’.

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