What Flag is that 04/17/21

The state of Connecticut. It is the third smallest state and the 29th most populated. It has the highest per-capita income in the country. The word Connecticut is derived from Anglicized spelling of the Algonquian word for ‘Long Tidal River’.

The spouse and I have debated for many years how to pronounce Connecticut. I am more: con-netti-cut. She is a definite: CON-NECK-TEA-CUT.

We do have a good friend who is from the state. The only thing I ever hear from him about his home state is during basketball tournament season when UConn women win it all.

When I think of Connecticut I have visions of Bing Crosby taking his favorite gal to a small town for a winter holiday. Lo and behold they run into an old Army buddy, Danny Kaye and his gal Trixie. Danny tells Bing that their old commanding officer, The Colonel, is in poor health and in need of money. Bing says, “Hey lets get the old gang together and put on a show!” One of the four state mottos for Connecticut is “Land of Steady Habits.” I guess there are a lot of fund raising shows.

The flag is a boring blue field with a version of the state seal in the middle. It is virtually indistinguishable from state flags who use the identical unoriginal theme. I have the flag because I do like the translation of the Latin on the seal.

Under the grape vines is the Latin which means: “He who transplanted sustains.” It reminds me of how often we have transplanted ourselves. Ten different states, a dozen or so separate moves these transplants are back in their home state of Michigan.

The flag of Connecticut

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