What Flag Is That 03.07.21

The Quigley Family Crest superimposed on the flag of Ireland. Ethnically known as a division of the ‘Black Irish’ I have been an observer and scholar of the Quigley Clan for over 50 years.

A rare photo of Lord Leon and Lady Mary Quigley circa 1940
The wedding of Lord Leon and Lady Mary
The Royal family, the infant Lady Denise, The Lord Dale and the Lord Jack
Lady Denise. Photo taken shortly before her meeting the young squire who became her husband.
The Royal Wedding which combined the House of Quigley with the House of Flanders
The Quigley Family Crest on the Irish Flag

One response to “What Flag Is That 03.07.21”

  1. Denise Flanders Avatar
    Denise Flanders

    :-)! You are on a roll!



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