What Flag Is that 03.26.2022

The Kingdom Of Bhutan. A landlocked country in the Eastern Himalaya’s. China is to the north and India is to the south.

Bhutan is outlined in green

The etymology of the word Bhutan is unclear. It may be from the Sanskrit ‘Bhota-Anta’ which transliterates as ‘The end of Tibet’. It is in close proximity to Tibet and shares the deep bond of Buddhism.

The Gangkhar Puensum, over 23,000 feet. Considered to be the tallest unclimbed mountain in the world.

The unique, well designed flag is divided diagonally with yellow on the top (The color of royal garb – think scarf) and orange on the bottom (representing Buddhist spiritual tradition). The dragon overlays both colors equally to show the mutual respect and heritage of civil and government. It is white, for purity of inner thoughts and deeds. It holds a jewel in each claw for wealth and security. The dragon is snarling to show the deities defense of the country.

Early version of the flag. Notice the dragon is facing in the opposite direction – this doesn’t work well when a flag is seen flying in the wind. The green outline is gone in the new version which is more of a black and white drawing with white being dominant.

I have the flag for it’s good design and symbolism. And besides, who doesn’t love a snarling dragon.

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