What Flag Is That, 03.01.21

Medical personnel defeating the coronavirus. It is a solid white field with the medical symbol breaking the crown (corona) virus. It was created in Europe as a way to honor Nurses and Doctors who are front line – ‘soldier’s’ in the battle against the pandemic.

The serpent entwined pole is a historic and ancient symbol of medicine. The original ‘Rod’ or ‘Staff” of the Greek deity Asclepius who was the god of healing/medicine was accepted as the correct symbol of medicine.

The symbol of emergency responders

Confusion came in 1902 when the US Army Medical Corp adopted the Caduceus (two serpents entwined on a rod.) But, and it was a big but, The Caduceus is also the symbol for commerce-sales people. Nurses and physicians who object to being compared with vacuum salesmen prefer the Rod of Asclepius (one serpent.)

I have the flag to honor and let everyone know how proud we are of our own frontline hero: Our Nicole. She is a traveling nurse and has been in the battle against Covid-19.

And don’t forget or hesitate: when it is available to you, Get The Vaccine!

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