What Flag Is That, 02.02.21

The Argentine Republic (Argentina). The country in South America that shares the Southern Cone of SA with Chile. It also claims sovereignty over part of Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, and a few other islands. It’s name is not from Spanish, but was originally from the Italian for ‘made of silver.’

The flag is a simple, well designed ‘good flag.’ It is three equal horizontal bands of blue and white. There is debate over the significance over the colors. It first appeared in 1812 as a battle flag during the Argentine war of Independence.

In 1816 the sun was added to the center of the flag. It underwent a few changes but the overall theme has not changed. In 1861 the current flag was adopted and has not changed.

1850-1861 the colors were a slightly deeper blue and the Phrygian (liberty) Cap was in each corner.

Why would a nerdie Vexillologist from Michigan have Argentina flying today? A few years back Denise became fascinated with the story, the Broadway Play and subsequent film about Evita Perón. Even a shy singer like my girlfriend hummed and sang “Don’t cry for me Argentina”, over and over.

But, even more compelling, it was the first flag one of my grandkids asked me to get for them. He still has it hanging up in his bedroom these many years later.

Why did Ryan ask for this flag? Because of his favorite soccer (aka football) player.

Lionel Messi
I would imagine Pope Francis played some football in his life, he is probably a little too busy now – he is also from Argentina.
Argentina, one of the best world countries flag

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    Denise Flanders

    Good one!



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