What is social media to be used for?

My ‘Social Dilemma’ (fascinating documentary on Netflix), is: what is social media to be used for?

If it is solely my small story or to promote my self image it is far too insignificant. If it is to sell something it is deceptive and should not be included where it supposedly blends in.

“My Story is not big enough or true enough to create large or meaningful patterns by itself. It is all just personal anecdotes, and some people live their whole lives there with no need for broader connections.” Richard Rohr

So, I choose to use social media (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) for broader connections. I was on the trail in The San Bernardino National Forest when I came upon a group of kids from a Hebrew school in LA. They were on their annual outing and saw this rock outcrop then had a rousing adventure. I stopped and talked and captured a bunch of smiles on film.

It is broader connections.

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