Color, Composition and Story Number 16

Back when we lived in California we decided to take advantage of the amazing National Parks located in the state. We visited Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks and stayed in a fantastic Bed and Breakfast outside of Woodland. While exploring the little town we came across some marvelous murals depicting the rich cultural history of the area.

Agriculture and ranching brought many different cultures together in this part of Central California

The Bed and Breakfast was one of the better ones we have ever stayed in. A friendly host made our stay relaxing and added to our adventure. It was located at the ancestral home of a family that had raised oranges for generations.

If you do ‘BnBing’ correctly you strike up conversations with the owners and other guests. The host at the Wicky-Up Ranch had a relative who was in Riverside California in the early 1900’s when President Teddy Roosevelt came to town. That relative had given the host one of the little flags that were handed out to wave as Teddy was giving a speech. As a Vexillologist it was a rare treat to hold that flag.

When things open up again, get out there and explore.

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