What Flag Is That, January 8, 2021

An island country in the Lesser Antilles: Curacao. It is not independent, but is a ‘constituent country’ in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The name Curaçao derives from the Spanish map that referred to the people who lived there as ‘Indios Caqueto’. With a lower case ‘c’ Curaçao is a cordial flavored with the peel of a sour orange.

The indigenous people came from Venezuela and Argentina. They were the Arawak and Caquetio people. The island is another one that was the victim of colonization. The Spanish came first and enslaved vast numbers of the people. When the Dutch won their independence from Spain after the 80 Years War, Netherlands took the island. Next France fought the Netherlands for land. The British attacked the island several times. There were major slave revolts throughout it’s history. In current time, the Dutch Shell Oil company has ruined their economy and left the island near destitute.

Colonization is alive even today

The Dutch ‘ownership’ and influence is still active.

The Coat of Arms of Curaçao. Under the crown of the royal family of The Netherlands, a sail boat (trade) a citrus tree (produce) and in the middle, the Netherlands Coat of Arms.
The center piece of the Coat of Arms of The Netherlands
Dutch influence on the architecture.

The flag is a blue field (top blue for the sky) bottom blue (the sea) separated by a yellow stripe (the sun). Two five pointed stars represent the five continents people have immigrated from. Vexillologically it is a good flag – simple, distinct easily recognized.

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  1. Denise Flanders Avatar
    Denise Flanders

    I really like this flag. MUCH better than the creepy 3 legged one.



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