What Flag Is That, January 1, 2021


The ‘Resist’ flag from my friends at Flags For Good. It opens the new year with a perfect example of the concept and logic of flag design. To have a symbol of something you want to emphasize and have it be a ‘good flag’ takes some thought. The idea of resisting the wrong – standing for the right is what keeps a democracy vibrant.

Michael and Cassie wanted to design a flag to respectfully show respect for resistance. They wanted something that was 100% American without ‘violating’ the US Flag Code. [ie, The ‘Thin Blue Line‘ flag walks right up to the line and many feel crosses the line and is disrespecting the Flag Code.] They began with an interesting urban legend flag deemed ‘the Suppositious US Civil Flag’. It began in 1850 with the publication of a (in)famous book.

Author Nathan Hawthorn

Hidden in the book are a couple of lines describing a US Customs Flag. Being a work of fiction there was no need to have the flag verified. So this ‘US Civil Flag’ became known as a ‘suppositious flag’ – an urban myth. It must be real, this famous author mentioned it.

First attempt at drawing Hawthorns US Civil Flag
Variant 1
Variant 2

This nonexistent flag has hung around in various forms since the 1850s. It is now often used in protests. With this as a starting point the Greens, Michael and Cassie, paid homage to the women’s suffragette movement and the flag designed for this movement.

Woman’s suffragette protest flag

Add the raised fist to the canton and the ‘Resist’ flag came to be. Whenever I want to look at modern excellent and meaningful flags, I go to Flags For Good. Find them at flagsforgood.com


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  1. Denise Flanders Avatar
    Denise Flanders

    Did you send this to flags for good?



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