Walking with Edsel & Eleanor #edselandeleanorfordhouse

Now is the time to get outside and find that place where you can walk and see the hidden gems in your town. We have all been scared to be around people, go find some birds and squirrels to see what they are up to.

Directly on the Shores of Lake Saint Clair is the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House. Take a couple of laps around the grounds for some great exercise and time to think.
Look over to the right and you will see the Groose Pointe Marina
Spray from Lake Saint Clair coats stray roots
Experiment with your phone camera – see if you can capture a moment
Find something interesting and do some basic research to find out why a tree does that.
Explore where you live

2 responses to “Walking with Edsel & Eleanor #edselandeleanorfordhouse”

  1. Groose pointe? That’s a good one! 🙂



  2. Nice post.



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