Back in the Olden Days

Thanks to ‘collector’ Bonnie Flanders. The original first pressing of the classic ‘Have a Gary Christmas’

Back when the universe meant something we used to listen to music by pushing a piece of plastic into a machine. Now-a-days music comes out of thin air. Back then it was embedded onto a hunk of plastic called a compact disc.

After experimenting with putting sounds on miles of tape wound around a little spool we realized we could listen to whatever we wanted to, in the order we wanted. The day of the ‘mixed tape’ lead to what we called ‘burning a disc’.

From the private collection of Bonnie Flanders. The original first edition of the famous ‘Have a Gary Christmas’

After the success of this CD, (ok, a couple people said it was fun…) I went on to make more and more every year. I started handing them out to everyone I could think of. It became similar to one of those famous Bob Dylan bootlegs – everyone had to have one. Do you have one? Let me know if you still have one…maybe in a drawer in your desk.

Rare collectors item.

One response to “Back in the Olden Days”

  1. The original “Have a Gary Christmas” lives on with Al. He asked for it for Christmas last year. And I now have a bootleg copy of it.


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