What Flag Is That, November 17, 2020

The largest resident tribe in the United States, The Navajo nation. The Host Nation people living on this land represent 14% of the Native American population. It spreads across parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.

An important element of the flag is the tribal seal centered on the field. The seal was adopted in1952. It bears 50 arrows, representing the 50 States in the US. It represent the Navajo nation protected by the US. Within the ring of outward pointing arrows are three concentric circles of turquoise, yellow and red open at the top. They represent the rainbow, and the Navajo hoogan with the opening showing the Navajo sovereignty is never closed. Within the circles are two green corn plants (the sustainer of life) their yellow tips are full of pollen (used in Navajo ceremonies.) The four domestic animals representing elements of life. Within the corn are four sacred mountains. Above them a yellow sun shines.

The flag is a pale buff color (perhaps representing sand) bearing a map of the Navajo nation in the center. Elements of the seal appear on the flag. Surrounding the map are the four sacred mountains – black above, white on the right, turquoise below and yellow on the left. This color pattern is part of a reoccurring theme having to do with the Navajo creation story. Arching over the mountains and map is a rainbow of red, yellow and blue. Centered on the map is a white disk bearing the corn stalks and domestic animals along with symbols of other aspects of the Navajo economy: the traditional hogan, oil drilling, emblems of forestry, mining and recreational fishing and hunting.

In 1995 it became the first Native American tribal flag in space when astronaut Bernard Harris carried it aboard the space shuttle Discovery. As an Ally, I fly the Navajo Nation Flag in support of our Navajo Sisters and Brothers.

#nativeamericanheritagemonth #ally

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