What Flag Is That, November 5, 2020

In honor of Native American Heritage Month (#nativeamericanhertiagemonth) and in recognition of the stewardship of our land by Host Nation People, I start flying flags from my collection of American Tribal Nations. Today is The Arapahoe Tribe Of The Wind River Reservation – Wyoming.

Located in eastern Wyoming, they share the Wind River Reservation with the Shoshone Tribe. The Northern Arapahoes spell their name with an ‘e’ at the end as opposed to the Southern Arapaho’s who combined with the Cheyennes in Oklahoma to form the Cheyenne Arapaho Nation.

Wind River Reservation in Wyoming

The Arapahoes of Wind River Reservation maybe the first Tribal Nation to adopt a flag. It dates from the 1940s when Arapahoes saw their young men go off to war in Europe and the Pacific. John L. Brown was the first Arapahoe solider to die in the war. The Tribal Elders decided there was a need for a distinct symbol for their sons.

The flag has seven stripes representing seven ceremonial and sacred elements. On the hoist side of the flag is a white triangle with a circular device of red (because Arapahoes are humans and Arapahoes), white (Arapahoes desire a long life) and black (because they seek happiness).

As a white European (settler) I seek a greater understanding of the Host Nation People who were excellent stewards of the land they knew as home. [PS: this is an excellently designed flag. Far better than almost every state flag]


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