Color, Composition and Story Number 14

One of the things I like most about a Blog or a platform like Instagram is that it gives me an opportunity to see scenes that others are experiencing. Photography in my opinion is art and when I find someone who has an artist’s eye to capturing life, it is a pleasure to see what they are seeing.

I appreciated all of the work that Pete Souza did as The White House Photographer. He did not show us posed, stilted photos, rather he showed real life. I follow a couple of photographers on Instagram who also have a true eye for life. #colindetroit and #colintemple. Mr. Temple does what he calls ‘Street Photography’.

I took this shot a few years back at the Ann Arbor (Michigan) Farmer’s Market. It is a couple of Amish kids helping out with the family booth. I like how it captures the sweet smiles of the two young ladies as they measure out some produce.

I am going to stretch it and call it Street Photography. It freezes a moment in history and with the colors and setting (composition) tells a marvelous story.

2 responses to “Color, Composition and Story Number 14”

  1. Loved Pete Souza’s tv special last week! So many intimate yet powerful images; much like your own pic of Amish girls!


    1. You are kind. We watched ‘As I see it’ and thought: ‘Obama was not perfect but he was a decent, good man’.


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