What Flag Is That, October 20, 2020

The flag of the Democratic Socialist Party of America. A red field (traditional color of socialists) with a red rose and a biracial handshake in the middle.

The flag, which is the logo of the party, has undergone some changes over their relatively short history. At first it was a red rose held in a fist. That changed to a red rose with a handshake underneath. The handshake was later changed to a biracial handshake.

The logo was incorporated into the flag but flag design wise it is a better flag in it’s current ideation.

Senator Bernie Sanders, who calls himself a ‘Democratic Socialist’ had never joined the party. He remains an official Independent. There are two current members of congress who are officially members of the party. [Both ran in primaries as Democrats and subsequently won election.]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York’s 14th district
Rashida Talib of Michigan’s 13th district.

I have great respect for AOC and her ideas and legislation agenda. Rashida Talib is from a neighboring congressional district to us here in Michigan. I know her to be a brilliant, compassionate person.

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