Color, Composition and Story Number 12

The soldier recreations firing black powder muskets at the fort

I do wonder what it is about Mackinac Island that draws Michiganders back over and over? It takes a boat ride to get there. There are no automobiles on the island. There are horses pulling people and supplies and defecting in the streets. The only way to get around the island is to hike or rent a bicycle. And, there is more fudge than any human could ingest in three or four lifetimes.

All winter long you think about: ‘I hope we can get up to Mackinac this year. Denise and I started going when we were young kids. Fifty years ago it was ideal to have a place like this to say, ‘Ya, we went to Mackinac Island for our honeymoon.’

But going isn’t quite enough, if you can bring someone with you and show them their first glimpse of the island that is a huge bonus. We have taken all three of our grandkids to Mackinac. A decade later, they still talk about it.

Yup, if you have never been there, it has to go on your bucket list. Mackinac Island.

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