What Flag Is That, September 6, 2020

The Republic of Serbia, a part of my collection with a personal connection. Serbia is a landlocked country in Europe that boarders Hungary; Romania; Bulgaria; Macedonia; Croatia; Bosnia and Montenegro.

People have inhabited this land since the Paleolithic age. The USA has a mere 244 years of history, this land has thousands of years of history. It would be short sighted to comprehend only recent history concerning Serbia, it’s rich culture and tradition make it a fascinating country and people. Now it ranks high on the Human Development, Social Progress and Global Peace index.

The current flag was officially adopted in 2010. The tricolor design has represented Serbia for 100+ years. Red on top, Blue in the middle (for Kingdom) and White on the bottom (for Empire). Centered vertically and shifted to the hoist side of the field is the lesser coat of arms.

The chronology of the pieces of cloth that represent the Serbian people is and interesting. Europeans know how to design flags.

The flag/coat of arms of Stefan Dusan, 1350
The flag/coat of arms from 1718-1739
The flag/coat of arms of the Serbian Uprising 1804
The flag of Yugoslavia 1946-1992
The ‘full’, or formal coat of arms [the current flag uses the ‘lesser’ coat of arms]

Our deep commitment to the fact that love has no boarders, brought us to Serbia in 2017 to reaffirm our connection to our beloved ‘sister’, Nela and her family.

Sitting by the Danube in Nova Sad with our family
Denise and Nela being regaled by a street musician in Nova Sad

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  1. Is Nova Sad the official name?



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