Color, Composition and Story, number 11

Years ago when we were living in a small mountain community in California we went to a pre-school ‘graduation’ for the kiddo of some friends. This village had the distinction of having the largest solar telescope in the world. People came from all over the world to study the sun.

A Chinese gentlemen and his family were ‘stationed’ at the facility for a season of study. They wanted to give their little boy an American experience so they enrolled him in a preschool for a bit of socialization. The child knew no English but had a good time playing with other kids.

At the graduation ceremony the staff had him in the middle of the crowd of kids. He looked apprehensive standing there eyes flitting about. All of a sudden he straightened up and saluted.

It was such a spontaneous action, I do wonder what he was thinking. And soon as his arm flew up the little girl next to him shot him a priceless look. I for some reason snapped this shot fast and have always been pleased I did.

Color, Composition And Story catches human nature. Photography is art and always tells a story.

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