Flag is that, August 5, 2020

Continuing with Canadian Provinces: Prince Edwards Island. One of three Maritime provinces. It is the smallest province, but the most densely populated. It is named after Queen Victoria’s father, Prince Edward.

The First Nation people who ‘owned’ the island were the Mi’Kmaq. In their language they called it ‘Land cradled by the Waves.’ When the Europeans came and took the land, the British and French fought over it for decades.

The flag is modeled after the provincial arms. The upper 1/3 is the English Heraldic Lion. This appears in Prince Edwards’ coat of arms. The lower 2/3 depicts an island with 3 small oak saplings (The 3 counties – Prince; Kings and Queens). The saplings are protected by a great Oak tree: Great Britain. [The provincial motto of PEI is ‘Parva sub ingenti’ – ‘The small under the protection of the great’.] The red and white boarders are the colors of the Canadian flag. This flag was adopted in 1964.

Denise talked about moving to PEI after reading the dramas and adventures of an adolescent girl making her way in the world: Anne of Green Gables.

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