What Flag it that, August 4, 2020

Another Canadian Province on this cloudy day in St Clair Shores. It does have a maritime feel to it: Newfoundland. It is the eastern most Canadian province. It is my favorite province.

I have visited Newfoundland 3 times and went through the ‘ceremony’ to become an honorary ‘Newfie’. (You must drink at least one swallow of a disgusting concoction called ‘Grog’ and then kiss a Cod fish.).

The province is officially called Newfoundland-Labrador. Newfies consider themselves independent since they are an island and Labrador is the land mass way up north. Canada did it basically since both entities are considered ‘have-not’ and are economically vulnerable.

Newfoundland (pronounced ‘Newfinland’) is the only province whose residents speak English (97%). It is a heavy Irish sounding brogue and can be difficult to understand. The capital is St. John’s. It has it’s own time zone which is 2 1/2 hours earlier than the Eastern Time Zone.

Reproductions of Norse homes on the coast. When I was there standing on the rocky coasts I expected ‘Vikings’ to sail up any second.

The name comes from King Henry VII stating it was the ‘New Founde Lande’ after English explorers arrived. Historically Basque fishers were there also and they called it: ‘Terra Nova’ (New Land). Lief Ericsson came in 1011 and Newfoundland was the very first English ‘possession’ in 1583. [And of course, First Nation People had been there for 9,000 years).

We heard about the strange land somewhere in Canada on September 11, 2001. When all airplanes were ordered out of the sky, many flights that were already in the air diverted to Gander airport in Newfoundland. The people of this small town took in hundreds of strangers who were stranded for days.

The flag was designed by Christopher Pratt in 1980. The Blue color represents the sea; The white is for snow and ice; The red is for the struggle of the people; The gold represents the confidence of the people; The blue triangles pays homage to the Union Flag; The red triangles represents Labrador.

The unofficial flag of Labrador. When Newfoundland and Labrador were joined Labrador lost it’s identity.

A fascinating land with gracious people.

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