Sit down with a brilliant young woman to discuss what is going on

2 responses to “Sit down with a brilliant young woman to discuss what is going on”

  1. Such an important message. I have been listening and watching. A lot of what Destiny is saying really stands out to me. Before I listened, I literally said to a friend, protests are important, but what happens afterwards is more important. I was thinking about school shootings. I was so hopeful after the Parkland shooting that something would get done, but it’s all been forgotten and very little has changed. Destiny is right, it’s what you do when people aren’t watching. I heard a family member of another murdered young black man say “why does it take a video for people to start understanding what’s happening to black folks in America?”. I also listened to a local state representative, Sarah Anthony, who spoke about her experience as a young black politician. Much like Destiny, she said when she enters a meeting, the first thing she has to do is “disarm herself” to make everyone else comfortable. She has to expain her qualifications and her right and reason to be at that meeting or place of gathering. How exhausting. She said ‘show me what you spend budget money on and you’ll prove where your heart is. Another task force is just words that often fall on deaf ears.’ We need actions, not words. The system is not broken, it’s performing exactly how it was set up – to oppress certain people of very basic human rights like breathing, for example…


  2. I agree with Bonnie. These messages are so important and even more important when no one is around. When the hashtags and the protests stop, may we all still remember.


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