Color, Composition and Story. Post number 7

This ranks as my number one or two favorite photos I have ever taken. In the fall of 2016 we visited our ‘Chinese Kids’ at their homes in mainland China.

On our first full day in Beijing we stayed with our dear ‘daughter’ Xinyi in her apartment in the city. She had to work so she handed us off to our other Beijing kiddo. Chen took us to some sites and then wanted to take us to her favorite local, family owned restaurant.

It was a real what we would call ‘hole in the wall’ and true real Chinese food. The place was in a neighborhood close to the Forbidden City. We were walking to that amazing historic site when I noticed these kids playing in the middle of the sidewalk.

It was one of those wonderful spontaneous moments as I snapped this shot quickly hoping it would turn out. It was true ‘street photography’.

To me it represents my philosophical view of ‘there are no boarders’. People are people. Kids play outside and build castles wherever they are. Governments attempt to convince us that we are adversaries…sorry, people are people and we have the capability of loving each other.

We deeply miss and love our Chinese ‘kids’: Xinyi; Chen; Yu; Jing; Xiaxoa; Fanying. We hope we can see them again.

3 responses to “Color, Composition and Story. Post number 7”

  1. Denise Flanders Avatar
    Denise Flanders

    That was wonderful!!


  2. We are so lucky our Mother once had the idea to host an exchange student. I know, and you know, she had her own reasons for doing this. Whatever her reasons, she brought the world to us through one heart – the heart of our dear sister, Nela. Nela has opened up the world to us, me and you. But my favorite times traveling with her have simply been eating dinner together, laughing on her couch, and being told to be quiet on a bus tour – as you said “people being people”. Lovely post to share that sentiment.


  3. Great story and photo. Love the sand on the sidewalk. That is its own story.


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