Color, Composition and Story Number 6

Eleven years ago we decided that when our grandkids turned 7 we would take them on vacation with us. And, it was with each one individually. It gave us time to make Haley, Ryan and Brody feel special and to show them how cool their Nana and Zeyda are.

Four years ago when Brody was 12 we did an extended trip to areas in Southern California none of us had been to. We stayed at an out of the way B & B down in rural San Diego county. The owner was a ‘colorful’ lady who had peacocks and lamas and horses and ducks and an allotment of other strange animals. She was like one of those people you would see in a strange comedy.

One day we walked out to go on a sight seeing journey and “Righty’ the peacock was sitting on our car. (Yes, there was also one named ‘Lefty’.) Righty woke us up every morning by tapping on the kitchen window until we opened it and gave him some of what we were eating.

3 responses to “Color, Composition and Story Number 6”

  1. I’d like to go there!


  2. Love the story of Righty. He’s my kind of peacock. The picture of him on top of the car is the best!


  3. I used to have peacocks. For a total of one day.


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