What Flag is That? 05.02.21

One characteristic of a good flag is immediate recognition. This is the iconic logo of The Rolling Stones. In 2021 this brand is 51 years old.

The Stones call their formation date July 12, 1962 when they played at the Marquee Club in London. The 5 English lads were: Mick Jagger; Keith Richards; Brian Jones; Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts. Jones left the group in 1969, one month before his unfortunate death. Bill Wyman, the original bass player walked away from the band after 30 years (he asked to come back, but bad vibes prevented this.) In 1975 Ronnie Wood joined and stayed to this day. [After 45 years he is still considered the new guy.]

The World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band

In 1969 their record label sent them designs for a band logo. The boys hated them all. In early 1970, Mick went to the Royal Academy of Art and found a young artist, John Pasche. Mick asked him to come up with something that would represent the band. As Pasche tells it, the first time he met with Mick at the Stones office he immediately noticed how big Mick’s mouth and lips were.

John Pasche’s first mock up of the logo proposal

Mick and the boys loved it. The tongue logo first appeared on the album sleeve of ‘Sticky Fingers’ (celebrating its 50th anniversary: release date April 23, 1971) and the rest is history.

In 1966, after reading about it on the liner notes of a Stones album, I joined The Rolling Stones Fan Club. To this day I claim, they are The World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band.

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