Color, Composition and Story Number 5

Eleven years ago Denise had the strong sensation that she must go to Africa. So when the opportunity arose at our Church she knew she had to go.

With a small group from Colorado Community Church Denise first went to Nairobi in Kenya. I always admired how the leader, our friend Keita, said, ‘rather than going with a prefabricated notion of what we want to give those poor people-let’s see what God wants us to do. And let’s see what we can learn from the people.’

It was an inspired approach that created an unforgettable experience. It was not your typical ‘let’s go as rich, advantaged white folks and do something for these poor unfortunate people of color’. It was Lord, how can these brothers and sisters teach me about you.

The photo, taken by Denise, tastes the open market and the lives of the wonderful people of Africa.

2 responses to “Color, Composition and Story Number 5”

  1. Must’ve been a fascinating trip.

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  2. Great photo. It tells a story of life and culture. Not the market that we all experience today.


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