What Flag is That? 04/07/2020

Today is national flag day in the Republic of Albania. Americans have a bad habit of being woefully unaware of the beauty and majesty of most of Eastern Europe. Albania is located in Southeast Europe on the Adriatic and Ionian Seas.

It has an ancient history filled with names like Ottoman Empire and Kings whose names we can’t pronounce and rebellions lead by brave people seeking independence. The people of Albania refer to their country as ‘Shqiperi’. It is loosely translated as ‘Land of Eagles’ or alternatively, ‘Children of Eagles’.

The people of Europe know how to design good flags. It is often historically derived from ancient sigils raised high during a battle. ‘Rally around the flag soldiers’. It was officially adopted in 1912 after independence was gained from the Ottoman Empire. It is a red field, representing bravery; strength and valor. On the red field is silhouetted a double headed eagle.

Many European flags have a rich history. Albania borrows from the family crest of The Kastrioti Family’s double headed sigil.

I am proud to fly this beautiful flag today. Here in the mountains of Southern California we are in the midst of an April snowstorm. The flag is a wonderful contrast against the snow flying around it.

Far more than the colors of this excellent flag is our connection to the people of Eastern Europe. Our loved ones and deep friends warm our hearts every time we communicate or think of them. We look forward to visiting Albania and experiencing this fantastic place and the amazing people.

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