What flag is that? 04/04/2020

The flag of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). It is made up of Canberra, the capital of the Nation of Australia and several small townships. Canberra is the home to all of the federal government institutions of Australia. In a sense, ACT is somewhat similar to our Washington DC.

ACT was the ancestral home to large populations of Aboriginal people. This capital city was designed by an architect from Chicago. The Australians love sports with the most popular one being Rugby. Canberra is the home to the Canberra Raiders.

The flag, is somewhat busy but it has a distinct appearance. It was chosen by popular vote in 1993 from a group of five submitted flags.

It has a yellow field with a vertical blue stripe. On the stripe are the five stars of the Southern Cross constellation (and the five regions of Australia). In the yellow field there are a Black and White Swan (representing the Aboriginal and European people of the territory) bracketing a stylized coat of arms of Canberra.

It is the coat of arms that make the flag rather busy. One of the characteristics of a good flag is that it does not contain a seal or coat of arms. But, I do enjoy it when people drive by and wonder ‘who is this guy that does this?’ And…Bob’s your uncle.

One response to “What flag is that? 04/04/2020”

  1. I like those colors.


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