What Flag is that? 04/01/2020

April is National Donate Life month. I worked in the Donation field for 11+ years at Donor Alliance in Denver. DA is the organ and tissue procurement organization for all of Colorado and Wyoming.

I miss my colleagues in Denver, but mostly I miss all of the interactions I had with Donor Families. Donor Families are members of a special ‘club’. It takes many tears to join that ‘club’ and the ‘benefits’ include the deep knowledge that they helped save lives through a monumental decision. One Donor can help 50-60 lives.

I am proud of all of you who work in Donation. I think of Donor Families all of the time.

One response to “What Flag is that? 04/01/2020”

  1. Yes, I can’t think of a better person to support someone in that time than you. You were part of so many monumental moments and moments that some of us won’t forget. You have a cool talent to just be with someone in those moments.


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