What Flag is that? Special Edition C-19

I do not have this flag, but I wish I did. It comes from The Heraldica Slovenica, The group from the country of Slovenia who studies flags. (The Vexillological folks, aka flag nerds from the beautiful Eastern European Country of Slovenia)

The flag is a symbolic representation of hope. It shows the victory of health care workers over the pandemic. It is a white field overlaid with the symbol of health care workers and medicine (the rod of Asclepius) rising over a defeated overturned crown (corona is Latin for crown).

Cheers and gratitude to all health care workers as they battle the pandemic each day.

One response to “What Flag is that? Special Edition C-19”

  1. At one of the emergency rooms around Lake Travis here in Texas there is a sign out that says, “Heroes work here!” I love it. I think also on the front lines are the Starbucks employees trying to give some sense of normalcy to all of our latte-drive lives and of course the grocery store workers. I can see that they are all tired, but hanging tough and strong. Love your post today.


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