Color, Composition and Story Number 3

Three years ago we took a trip to Eastern Europe to travel with and spend time with our dear sister, Nela. Nela lives in Serbia, in the city of Novi Sad. While walking around the city with her, I snapped this shot.

I enjoyed the colors and the variety of items people think tourists will purchase. In some ways it is similar to any souvenir stand you can see in most places. But for some reason it caught my eye.

Nela educated us not only about Serbia, but about the other 9 Eastern European countries we traveled to. One important concept of most European cities is the ‘City Square’. When we arrived in a city, we would immediately look for the City Square.

Novi Sad is a beautiful city with a rich history. It was also the first time we experienced a true European coffee shop. Nela, Denise and I sat for hours talking about the history of her magnificent city. And never once did the wait staff say, …’ummm, time to move on folks…’

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