What flag is that? 03/25/2020

Flying on the Flanders flag pole today is the Irish Provincial Flag. It is not exactly a novelty flag, but it is also not an official flag representing Ireland. It contains the symbols of each of the Provinces of the country.

A Province is not the same as our states. And, an Irish province is not official. It is more of a loose designation of a region. So, this particular flag would be somewhat akin to there being a flag with each one of our states flags in it. (How big would that flag have to be?)

This Provincial flag is not flown officially in Ireland. It can appear occasionally when a neutral insignia is wanted to represent the country. The Irish hockey team has used it to show it has players from all 4 provinces. Since it is not an official flag, the order of the symbols is not established. Almost always that blue one with the crowns is always diagonal to the one with the eagle.

The province known as Ulster
The province of Munster. (Purported by some to be the oldest flag in the world)
Connacht. Some conjecture this flag was ‘borrowed’ from an Irish Monastery in Bavaria – but no one can figure out how an Irish Monastery ended up in Bavaria.

I stated that it is not a novelty flag. I certainly own some novelty flags. They are just plain for fun.

It is only Rock-N-Roll, but I like it

The posts this month are flags for the March rotation. I will return with a new set in April. Until that time, remember to let your flag wave.

One response to “What flag is that? 03/25/2020”

  1. My favorite flag is the last one. I’m sure that’s the national symbol for something, just not sure what. . . .


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