What is that flag? 03/22/2020

We return to Westeros today with the flag of The House of Stark. It consists of a field of white (for the snow of the north – ‘Winter is coming’) and the loyal symbol of The House, a Direwolf. (For a fantastic exhibit of the Direwolves that lived here in Southern California visit The LaBrea Tar Pits museum in downtown LA.)

It is often said that the Stark Sigil is the Direwolf. Sigil is a word we don’t use that often in modern language. A Sigil is a symbol of power, often times the belief was that the symbol had magical powers.

In Game of Thrones a Direwolf protected different members of the House of Stark. Nymeria protected Arya. Greywolf protected Robb more than once and Summer protected Bran from assassins.

One of my favorite characters in the story is the young Stark, Arya. She grows into a young woman before your eyes, one with amazing strength and fortitude. As with all Starks her loyalty is constant and can lead to complications for everyone.

The British actress, Maisie Williams, was 14 when she was cast in her first acting role as Arya. She won a number of awards in her almost 8 years on Game of Thrones.

The House of Stark: Winter is coming.

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