What Flag is that?

Twenty five years ago, when we were living in Littleton Colorado, my Mom gave us a high quality USA Flag. I decided that we should have a good, 25-30 flag pole right outside our front door. So, I installed one.

That is how my hobby of flag study began. One day driving home I noticed there was a little store that sold flags. I stopped in and purchase a Colorado State flag. That was the beginning of my collection of various flags. That collection had grown to 98 different flags.

I can’t recall how I first came across the North American Vexillological Association. I found out they are a group of flag nerds who study the design and meaning of flags. Any and all flags. I joined the NAVA nerds and have enjoyed this new hobby for a long time now.

When I come across an unusual or meaningful flag, I go on a search to find where I can purchase the 3 by 5 foot piece of cloth or polyester. I have a number of flags from places we have visited or have friends and loved ones who reside there.

And then there are many that I plain ole like the way they look. In Littleton I had an older gentleman knock on my door and tell me that he loved how I flew a different flag every day. He said he and his grandson play a game where they walk past our house and go home then the one who finds the name of the flag first is the winner.

Flying on my flag pole today is the Flag of The House of Targaryen. We have become Game of Thrones aficionados and do like Daenerys Targaryen, the unburnt and the mother of dragons.

3 responses to “What Flag is that?”

  1. Bonnie Flanders Avatar
    Bonnie Flanders

    Ummmm, have you seen the end of GOT?


  2. No, but it is common knowledge what happens. Denise read all of the books.


  3. Ya give a guy a flagpole and the next thing ya know he has close to a 100 hundred flags. There’s a joke in there somewhere. We have always loved your flags. Every time we came over for dinner, we would try to guess what flag you would have flying.


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